5 Mistakes When Starting an Online Business

When first starting an online business, many people make several mistakes.  Because of these mistakes they will quit, give up,and then think online businesses don’t work or it’s just a scam.  Having an online business can work and can be fun if you avoid a few mistakes.  Here is a list of 5 mistakes that I made when starting out.  I hope I can help you not make the same mistakes I did.1. They jump from niche to niche.  When starting an online business, you need to define a niche market and stick with it until you have profit coming in.  Stay focused, even on the hard days. If you have too many niches going, you will not be able to help your customers and you will be stretched to the limit.  Once your niche is going good, you can start a new one and possibly be able to outsource some of your work.2. They try to do too much at once.  With an online business you need to take baby steps.  There’s a lot of information to absorb when learning how to start an online business and if you try to conquer it all right off the bat, you will lose focus and fail.  Set mini-milestones, not fantasies. For instance, work on article marketing and once you understand that then try video marketing, and so on. 3. They learn from too many people at one time.  Pick one or two people to learn from.  Take action on what they teach you and once you’ve mastered that, you can go onto another course, program, or person to teach you.  If you learn from more people than that when starting an online business, you will have information overload and then you will freeze up and do nothing because you won’t know where to start. 4. They don’t treat their online business like a real business and they don’t set goals.  If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there? The importance of setting goals for your online business is huge. Be serious about your business.  Set weekly, monthly, and yearly goals.  Set a daily schedule for yourself.  This way your family and friends will take you serious and you will know everyday when you are working.  Setting a timer for each task can help keep you on track. 5. Focusing on the money when starting an online business can add stress to your life and make your business unenjoyable.  Focus on your why, why are you doing this, and focus on your customers needs.  The money will follow.  When you focus on providing a great service, your customers will be happy and they will keep coming back to you.  Be genuine and be yourself, if not, people can see right through you.  When you avoid these 5 mistakes when starting an online business, it will make your new journey much more enjoyable.  Stay focused, set small goals at first, pick genuine people to learn from (there are a lot of people trying to make a quick buck), and most of all…enjoy it!   Remember, anything worth having doesn’t come easy, but it’s always worth it.  And most important of all, take action!